Plant Based

Taking Pharmaceutical Production Underground

SubTerra’s plant based biopharmaceuticals are produced in a very tightly controlled environment in a crude/raw drug matrix devoid of any human pathogens without any ethical concerns or harm to animals. The unique environmental conditions of our underground chambers provide the growth conditions necessary for optimal biomass production at an accelerated rate.

A perfectly controlled year-round rapid growth environment is one of SubTerra’s major advantages -- but not the only one. Growing transgenic plants for protein production using SubTerra’s facilities also ensure genetic containment.

High Containment Facility

Our growth and production site is far removed from any agricultural activity and meets USDA regulations, ensuring no risk of unintended genetic release. The facility has been issued a level 2 containment rating.

Bio Security Below Ground

The plants are safe from external threats. Our secure, low-profile facility will thwart potential sabotage or protest from groups opposed to genetically modified seeds. And our growth chamber offers maximum protection of intellectual espionage -- especially important when high-value crops are involved. Crop safety is further insured by our high tech intrusion alarm providing a first line of protection.

Containment of germplasm is perhaps the most daunting hurdle for the biopharma industry, and SubTerra solves the problem, by going underground.

Pesticide and Herbicide Free Accelerated Growth

With no threat of insect, pests, or the plant diseases they can carry, there’s no need for pesticides or herbicides and no residues on unpurified bulk material from SubTerra plants. This practice streamlines regulatory compliance requirements by eliminating the need to quantify unwanted material residue throughout the production process. Save time, expense and paperwork.

Within a chamber, all components of plant growth can be controlled, which means that acres of highly productive space can be created at SubTerra’s facility. Each chamber will have no drought, floods, wind, insects, or any other harsh elements, which could slow growth. All of the plants' energy can be directed toward rapid growth and production.

Traditional growing methods are limited by soil conditions and climate. SubTerra's growth chamber allows for year-round growth with uninterrupted growing cycles under completely controlled conditions. Accelerated robust growth results in maximal product yields on a continuous basis.

All operations carried out are Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliant providing complete quality assurance.

Accelerated Growth

Underground Growth Chamber

Surface Greenhouse

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