SubTerra's plant based biopharmaceuticals are produced in a tightly controlled, secure environment, absent from human pathogens, plant disease, and invasive pests.

The unique environmental conditions of our underground chambers provide the growth conditions necessary for optimal biomass production at an accelerated rate.

A perfectly controlled year-round rapid growth environment is one of SubTerra's major advantages - but far from the only one. Growing transgenic plants for protein production using our facilities also ensure genetic containment and IP security.

Our growth and productions site is far removed from any agricultural activity and meets advanced level containment ratings, ensuring no risk of unintended genetic release.

Plants are safe from external threats. Our secure, low-profile, patented facilities will thwart potential sabotage from external threats - pest, disease, or human. Our underground growth chambers offer unique, maximum level protection against IP theft or espionage - especially important when high-value crops are involved.

Germoplasm containment, perhaps the most daunting hurdle for the biopharma industry, is solved by SubTerra going underground.

By eliminating the threat of insects, pests, and the plant diseases they can carry, there's no need for pesticides or herbicides and no residues on unpurified bulk material from SubTerra plants.

With a chamber, all components of plant growth can be controlled, maximizing yield by maintaining ideal environmental ranges. There is no drought, floods, insects, cloud cover or other harsh elements leading to plant stress, damage, or death. All plant energy can be focused toward rapid growth and production.

Traditional growing methods are limited by soil conditions and climate. SubTerra's chambers allow for year-round growth with uninterrupted growing cycles under completely controlled conditions. Accelerated, robust growth results in maximum product yields on a continuous basis.

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